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Debunk the social media myth that Facebook, Twitter, Google+ is only for personal use – to chat with the peers or share your photos and videos with a group of friends. Businesses including auto dealers can also use social media sites to promote their business on a global scale. Social media have a great potentiality of generating auto leads, driving sales, and revenues if explored properly. The success mantra of social networking depends on the number of posts you upload every day and the time you invest on these social media web platforms.


As Facebook authorities have stated, around 700 billion minutes per month is spent by people on this site. It is clear from the above stat how popular the site is amongst the global internet users. You should not waste any further time in opening an account on Facebook to upload interesting posts, photos, videos, and links related to your automotive business. Appealing posts can go a long way in generating curiosity amongst the Facebook users to check out your posts on a regular basis. You will also get increased likes, shares, and comments against each of your posts resulting in increased brand awareness and online exposure.

P.S. – One simple way to boost the engagement level on Facebook is to use images. For example, if you are organizing an event next week then try to update the news of the same on FB with images to amplify the post. I’m sure you will get lots of comments!


As you may know Twitter is a micro-blogging site that allows a maximum of 140 characters. You can use Twitter to “tweet” recent news about your company, different variety of new or used cars you have on sale, auto loans, discounts on car sale this holiday season, and so on to generate a large number of new auto leads in short time period. You can use hashtags against each tweet to bring it to the top of Twitter’s search engine results to make it easier for people to view the same when they are searching for cars, auto loans, etc.


Google+ has a huge potentiality of attracting the attention of maximum potential customers. Google+ allows businesses to use hashtags much like Twitter to customize online searches. Besides, Google Authorship allows people to claim authorship over the content posted online. This feature allows the authors to link the internet content to their Google+ profile. It paves the way for greater visibility of your profile plus allows the writers to get additional content from the same author.

Professional Help:

You can also take the assistance of a professional car lead generator having a dedicated social media marketing team to help you generate tons of auto leads to boost your car sales figure. The car lead generators post useful content on a frequent basis on the various social media sites to retain the users’ attention to the profile page. As we all know, interesting content is bound to create maximum likes and shares each day increasing followers and an enhanced brand presence.